Super Saúde

Super Saúde Nutri seeks a healthy lifestyle and the idea that it is possible to create industrialized products which are highly nutritious and delicious at the same time. Their main products are cereal bars made accordingly with the Paleo Diet, as well as vegan bars. The products do not contain gluten, lactose or sodium, what makes them an option for people who can’t consume these ingredients.

100% Paleo

The parameters of the Paleo diet guide the manufacturing of the bars, allowing the addition of natural nuts, chestnuts and seeds that added to honey bring a unique flavored and nutritionally rich product. This way you get all the benefits of these foods with the convenience of a snack, which also does not contain gluten, lactose, syrups, glycerin, soy and other products that do not add up positively in your nutrition.


In the vegan nuts bar, the honey is replaced by organic molasses and the bars do not contain any kind of animal origin products. These are a great option for people who chose this healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


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