Suavipan is a Brazilian company founded in 1998 and since then its main goal is to produce the best and healthiest food products in its category using only top grade raw materials.

Suavipan is always updated on the latest trend and news about food health and is always ahead of its time, because they believe that the best way of respecting their clients is providing them with the best and healthiest products on the market.

They work with three major product lines: no sugar added, organic and whole grain.

No sugar added

This line is a great option for people who want to avoid sugar in their diet, have Diabetes, want to have a low fat and low calories diet, care about healthier options of food and snacks or are looking for high-fiber options.

It has 04 groups of products:

  • Mini filled cakes – 40g

  • Cakes – 250g

  • Cookies – 35g

  • Alfajor – 25g


The organic products are certified by Ecocert.

Ecocert has developed its own international network with, in all countries, a regional approach and a local service making it possible to provide product inspections and traceability. Trained in Ecocert's investigative methods and procedures, staff is recruited from the host country. With 23 offices and subsidiaries, Ecocert operates and offers its services in over 80 countries.

  • Muffins – 40g

Whole Grain

This line is composed by 100% or whole flour. The flour used is a mix of seven different whole flours: wheat, rye, oats, linseed; sunflower, sesame and soya.
It has 03 groups of products:

  • Mini Cakes – 40g

  • Cakes – 250g

  • Honey Cake (Brazilian Specialty) – 35g


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