Responsibility and Commitment. We are GCM.

Assure success on your business. GCM takes the best products from Brazil to the main markets around the world.

GCM offers responsibility, commitment and agility assisting you to import the best from Brazil. With clients and suppliers worldwide, GCM always finds the best solution for your company.

We represent top grade Brazilian suppliers, offering competitive prices with high grade quality. We work together with the suppliers, following all the orders from the beginning until the moment of the shipment, being aware of the whole process and always ready to avoid any issues that might appear. 

GCM works with top grade suppliers in Brazil and is fully committed in exporting high-grade products and services. By selecting leading suppliers, we ensure that our customers receive quality products, that shipment dates are respected, and that a consistent supply is maintained.

GCM has been in the market since 2005 and with more than 10 years of experience we know how the international market works and are always ready to assist our clients, trying to find the best solutions for them. One of our main purposes is to create long term businesses and relationships.

We are the export department of the companies that we work with and responsible for taking their names and all tradition of generations worldwide.

Through our company, you will have direct contact with many traditional and famous Brazilian producers and will be able to import the best products in the food industry.

GCM operates in two distinct product areas:


GCM has developed a partnership with reliable suppliers that are able to offer a wide range of products using different Brazilian species.

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The best flavors from Brazil to the world. Receive high grade quality products with fair prices, commitment and agility.

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