Cachaça Bassi

Bassi is an alembic cachaça produced since 1980 from the natural fermentation of the sugar cane juice distilled in copper alembics and stored in wooden casks for its rest and aging.

Nowadays, Bassi Cachaça’s Alembic produces cachaças of high quality, internationally recognized and awarded, following the traditions inherited from its founder, but also aligned to the new concepts of fermentation available on the market along with innovation and new technologies.

Golden Cachaça

Golden Cachaça is rested up in peanut casks for one year and aged in European oak barrels for one more year. The resting in peanut reduces its acidity and the oak adds wooden flavors slightly vanilla flavored, bringing a nice balance and making the Cachaça slightly sweetish.

Silver Cachaça

Silver Cachaça is produced and stored in peanut casks for at least one year. Peanut is considered a neutral wood, which means it won’t change the flavor or the taste of the Cachaça, making it pure and in its natural essence.


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